Dan CnossenUS Navy SEAL Lt. Commander    |    7x Paralympic Medalist

Dan competes in the sports of cross-country skiing and biathlon.

As a member of Team USA, each winter season, Dan competes in numerous international competitions across Europe, North America and Asia, including World Cups, World Championships, and a Paralympic Winter Games every fourth year at the site of the Olympic Winter Games.

Paralympic Nordic Skiing

Cross-country (Nordic) skiing is an endurance sport that requires both power and stamina.

In Paralympic Nordic skiing, athletes ski either standing on their skis or sitting on skis depending on the type of physical disability classification. In the sitting category, athletes must propel themselves up and down hills using only two poles. Race distances range from 20km (12.4 miles) down to 800m sprints.

Paralympic Biathlon

Biathlon is a unique sport that combines cross-country skiing with precision target shooting.

In Paralympic biathlon, athletes shoot air rifles at a distance of 10m from the target. The target consists of five circles, each with a 13mm diameter hit zone. For each miss, a penalty is incurred either via added time or additional ski distance in an offset penalty loop.

Race distances range from 15km to 6km, with either two or four shooting stages and three or five ski loops, respectively. The name of the game here is to ski fast and shoot quickly, while under pressure not to miss!